"Clara already had several prospects. She would have a home and children and the comfort of a husband’s business, her own match set of everything she had ever known. She looked at the man in front of her. Clara knew that if he could carry her, away from there to someplace else, she could hold on.

'What’s your name?' she asked.

They married the next day and went West."  


The Exhibit

"A restoration was underway at the Hall of Exhibits. I did not know what this meant when I took the position, only that the Grand Reopening would take place in four weeks and that the restoration was in its final intense stage. New exhibits were being installed, given finishing touches, catalogued. I was to be part of this work. I was part of it, until tonight." 


Where You'll Find Me

"But for the first time since that one, the figure left the Munchkins and Escorts standing at the border of town and moved up the road, toward me. We met on either side of the fence. She laid her hands on the beam between us. Her eyebrows twitched and then folded tight together as she tilted her head.

I said, 'Dorothy.' 

She said, 'You’re her scarecrow, aren’t you?'"



"It was a kind thing for you to do, taking me in, but also selfish, we say. You want me here; we are ferociously in love; you don’t even have to leave your place for sex; we would have done this anyway, sooner or later. So what if it’s sooner?

So what if this was the reason?

So what?"